Monday, August 6, 2007

Break Time = Lake Time

Have you ever had week that left you feeling worn out? Ok.....who am I kidding? If there is anyone who said're lying! :) This past week was one of those weeks for Justin and I. After shooting a wedding this past Sunday, working all week, and babysitting for family.....we were ready for a break.

We had planned to hang out with some old friends but weren't really sure how we were going to feel. You know.....those days when you really want to hang out and have fun but are afraid your lack of energy will leave your friends wondering why they bothered calling. :) Thankfully God has blessed us with lots of great friends who love us even on our low energy days.

Saturday morning came around and after a short trip to the Vet, (No....not for Justin.....for my puppy Layla) we called up some friends and made plans. It was decided that a short trip out on the boat was just what we all needed. So we packed up the coolers and headed out.
The kids had a blast. I was proud of Elijah and Ashley as they both made major steps towards swimming without holding on to the boat. (Trust me....this was a MAJOR step for both of them.) The big kids had fun too. In fact......the big boys had so much fun I will have to reserve some of the photos for use at a later date. :)

Our trip was cut a little short by the rain. But it just added to the adventure of the day. I must say the best part of the day was towing in another boat which was full of some "characters" to say the least. I mentioned to our friends that maybe they would want to decorate their boat like the boat we towed. I mean.....I really thought that a rusty grill and old country couches would really had some class. :)

Justin and I have been so blessed with such great friends. After moving back from Georgia we realized how much friends add value to your life. We have been lucky to have all different types of couples as friends......tell you like it is friends, hang out late friends, and of course crazy friends. The best thing is that we can be ourselves and know that happy, sad, grumpy, or tired......we have a big family to help us through this thing called life.

I look forward to making lots more memories with my friends. Life can be crazy and leave us worn out from time to time. But finding just a few hours here and there to share with friends makes the "crazy times" and little more easy.